Rak Offshore Company Formation

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Key Offshore Company Features & Benefits

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Corporate & Lagal Information

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Banking Services

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RAK OFFSHORE takes special care to give small and medium enterprises the option of off-shoring their business through the creation of dedicated instruments, and enjoying the resulting benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • Asset Protection and Planning
  • Confidentially of Execution
  • Tax Planning
  • International Visibility
  • No Exchange Controls
  • Excellent Communication and Banking Infrastructure
  • Property Ownership for non-residents in UAE Free Zones
  • Compliant with Best International Standards for Anti-Money Laundering
  • Comprehensive legal protection of existing and future investors

An Offshore Company can be simply defined as a corporate entity that rarely conducts business in its country of origin.

Offshore Companies are normally formed in a jurisdiction where taxation is much lower, and reporting restrictions far more flexible than the country in which you reside.

Other common names for this type of company are :

  • Non-resident Company
  • International Business Company
  • International Business Corporation